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Day without

Friday, August 01, 2008

dear friends,
i would like to share the following morning reflection.

SOMEONE ONCE SAID THAT WITHOUT GOD, the seven days of the week would be "Mournday" , "Tearsday",> "Wasteday", "Thirstday", "Fightday",> "Shatterday" and "Sinday".


> Is there no joy in your life? Is there no
> peace in your heart? Are you an impatient
> person? Are you unkind? Do you lack generosity?
> Are you unfaithful? Are you lacking in love? If
> these are missing or lacking in your life, ask
> the Holy Spirit to come to you, for these are
> the seven-fold gifts of the Holy Spirit.


> The most basic moral rule is: Do good, and
> avoid evil. Follow this rule and you will have
> peace. Go against this rule, and you will reap
> the consequences. But again, only in the Holy
> Spirit can we truly realize and live this.


> "We heal our souls whenever we
> confess; we heal our spirit whenever we pray;
> we heal our body whenever we fast and abstain;
> and we heal our heart whenever we forgive."
> May the Holy Spirit heal us physically,
> emotionally and spiritually. May He heal us of
> our bad habits, and our broken relationships.


> A physician said that in his 30 years of medical
> practice,he has prescribed many things, but he has
> come to realize that the best medicine is love.
> When asked, what if it doesn't work, his reply was:
> "Double the dosage".


> May we who are in the business of loving
> continue to love, and keep on loving by the
> power of the Holy Spirit.


> A moment with the Lord:
> Come Holy Spirit, we need you! Amen.


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